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National Profile links - Visual Arts

Linking the Arts — a curriculum profile for Australian schools
and Coastal and Marine Studies

How the workshop Activities link into the National Curriculum Profile
Sample aimed at Level 3

Creating, making and presenting   Arts criticism
and aesthetics
Past and present

developing ideas
Using skills, techniques and processes Presenting    

3.21 Explores ideas and feelings through making art works

Making an artwork that relates to the marine environment ó itís natural beauty and the issues and cause of its degradation. Using a variety of mediums such as paint, collage, and sculptural forms to create this artwork.

3.22 Explores and uses several art elements and uses specific skills, techniques and processes appropriate to the m medium.

Developing a simple logo design that expresses feelings about the sea. Using different textural effects and surfaces by using paint and collage to create a mural depicting the ocean. Using skills of observation to create three-dimensional sculptures from stocking materials.
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3.23 Responds to key features of visual art works

Viewing works of art related to the coastal and marine environment and discussing the ways that it has been represented. Recognising and naming variations in colours used in art works of the marine environment ó warm, cool, neutral.

3.24 Discusses visual arts works from several cultures

Viewing and discussing the significance of art works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that represent the marine environment.