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National Profile links - Dance

Linking the Arts — a curriculum profile for Australian schools
and Coastal and Marine Studies

How the workshop Activities link into the National Curriculum Profile
Sample aimed at Level 3

Creating, making and presenting   Arts criticism
and aesthetics
Past and present

developing ideas
Using skills,
techniques and

3.1 Explores ideas and feelings through dance works

Creating a work within the limitations related to the movements and feeding habits of marine animals in a rock pool. In creating this word students become aware of others while representing the interactions of marine animals in food chains.

3.2 Explores and uses several dance elements and uses specific skills, techniques and processes appropriate to dance

Using contrasting movements of fast, slow, high and low when creating the dance of the rock pool animals. Emphasising particular body parts such as feet and fingers and their use in travelling.

3.3 Plans and presents dance works for a particular audience or purpose.

Perform the dance of the rock pool animals for others in the school.
Plan all aspects of the performance such as props and costumes, invitations and tickets.
(not presented in this module)