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National Profile links - Music

Linking the Arts — a curriculum profile for Australian schools
and Coastal and Marine Studies

How the workshop Activities link into the National Curriculum Profile
Sample aimed at Level 3

Creating, making and presenting   Arts criticism
and aesthetics
Past and
present context
developing ideas
Using skills,
techniques and

3.16 Explores ideas and feelings through creating and making music

Using natural materials from the beach in selecting and combining sounds to structure a soundscape that relates to the marine environment.
Improvising music to capture the theme and mood of the work created in dance (Dance of the Rock Pool Animals).

3.17 Explores and uses several aspects of sound and uses specific skills, techniques and processes appropriate to the musical work

Producing and exercising some control over sounds made with natural materials collected from (and later returned to) the beach to create a soundscape.
Composing a short simply structured song about reducing the degradation of the coastal environment.
3.18 Plans and presents musical works for a particular audience or purpose

Combining with other arts to present a performance that relates to the marine environment and its issues.
3.19 Responds to key features of musical works

Describing the obvious features that shape a musical work. Identifying repetition, form, gradual and sudden changes in dynamics and structure in a soundscape.
3.20 Discusses music from several cultures

Discussing the characteristics of the soundscape and how it compares to other types of music. Identifying other types of musical works that could also be appropriate.