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National Profile links - Drama

Linking the Arts — a curriculum profile for Australian schools
and Coastal and Marine Studies

How the workshop Activities link into the National Curriculum Profile
Sample aimed at Level 3

Creating, making and presenting   Arts criticism
and aesthetics
Past and present

developing ideas
Using skills,
techniques and

3.6 Explores ideas and feelings through drama.

Exploring ways of expressing ideas and feelings about the impact of humans on the marine environment through improvisation and a puppet play. Using artworks and stories to stimulate the improvisation.

3.7 Explores and uses several drama elements and uses specific skills, techniques and processes such as improvising and role-playing.

Exploring the use and effect of voice with puppets.
Deciding on the roles and characters required to create a short puppet play dealing with issues related to the coastal and marine environment.
Using props to enhance role and situation.

3.8 Plans and presents drama for a particular audience or purpose.

Performance of a short puppet play to create awareness of or change attitudes about issues related to human impact and the marine environment. Working with others, showing tolerance and the ability to complete tasks within time limits. Memorising of short scripts.

3.9 Responds to key features of drama

Discuss the puppet play and whether it had achieved its major focus in relation to skills, techniques and processes.

3.10 Discuss drama from several cultures
Discussing the use of puppets through the ages and why this form of drama is valuable in communicating