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National Profile links - Media

Linking the Arts — a curriculum profile for Australian schools
and Coastal and Marine Studies

How the workshop Activities link into the National Curriculum Profile
Sample aimed at Level 3

Creating, making and presenting   Arts criticism
and aesthetics
Past and present

developing ideas
Using skills,
techniques and

3.11 Explores ideas and feeling through media productions

Taking photos of the performance for an article in the school newspaper.
Preparing a simple story board for a video based on the performance which integrates visual artwork, dance, music and puppet play to present concepts and issues related to the marine environment.

3.12 Explores and uses several media elements and uses specific skills, and techniques appropriate to the media form.

Operating of simple cameras to take photos that capture various messages, ideas and feelings presented in the performance.
Preparing of a simple storyboard with descriptions of shot changes and movement for use in a video based on the performance’s concepts and issues.

3.13 Plans and present media productions for a particular audience or purpose.

Participating in the recording and presenting of the performance to the wider school audience through photography.
Organising and presenting the video on marine issues to the rest of the school.

3.14 Responds to key features of media texts

Identifying a simple order or pattern in media productions:
- the layout of a newspaper article
- television and video formats.
Identifying the effect of camera angle and composition in taking photographs.
Making distinctions between the different types of media productions and their value in presenting for different purposes.

3.15 Discusses media products from several cultures

Discussing the impact of photographs from different parts of the world where aspects of a country’s views on an issue have been recorded.