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Puppets Panic Sheet

Notes compiled by Bruce McClish 1992 and printed here with permission and the permission of the Gould League of Victoria

"We don't have any money at our school to buy puppets"

You shouldn't have to buy anything to facilitate environmental puppets.

Children will be eager to bring their puppets from home (teachers can have children make their own puppets). If desperate, check with other teachers, friends and family.

We have puppets, but they're not the right kind of puppets"

Certainly puppets of native Australian animals [and sea creatures] seem very appropriate here. However any puppet can be used for the environmental theme; the children will pick up on this as soon as the teacher does.

`"I'm not creative. I'm not good at acting or working with puppets"

You don't have to be creative. All you need to do is be encouraging. The children won't want to see you perform as much as they'll want to perform themselves. They will carry the entire creative load if you simply encourage them.

My children have fits of giggles when any one has to perform"

This is a common tendency amongst children unaccustomed to creative expression. Be patient, but persistent you have to start somewhere.

"Some of my children are too shy to take the stage"

Encourage, but never force creativity. Some children will learn by performing, other will learn by watching. In this way, every class member can take an active part in the Environment Puppets experience.

"My children are great performers, but they don't always pick up on the environmental theme"

This is to be expected during your early session. These children are trying to master several skills at once; allow them to take one step at a time. Give special praise to those performers who do remember the environmental theme. Also make sure you are providing environmental props.