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Seasonal calendar of resources
used by the Yanyuwa people

Source: Adapted from "Traditional Aboriginal land use in the Borroloola Region", R Baker. In Traditional ecological knowledge. Wisdom for sustainable development, ed. N. Williams and G Baines. Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, ANU, 1988.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  barramundi and catfish in the washout barra in fish traps in creek             barra in fish traps in creek
              salmon run        
    dugong and turtle     dugong and turtle fat    
      stingray moves upstream   stingray (also crabs and shark)    
        oyster-catcher lays eggs          
egret chicks                     egret chicks
                      sea turtle eggs
      flying fox            
      seabird eggs            
cycad harvest            

cycad harvest

fishing                   fishing
              pandanus harvest  
          water lily stems flower and maturing corms      
green plum                       white plum                  
yams                   yams