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Examples of Process Integration

Source: Adapted from Monroe, M and Cappaert, D (1993) Integrating Environmental Education into the School Curriculum, National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, pp.8-9. Reproduced with permission from Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.

  • Research a tourism development and then debate (group process skills) the costs and benefits to the local and broader Australian community (analytical skills), and write letters to decision makers about the issue (communication skills).

  • Evaluate different perspectives on a local coastal environment issue and discuss views of business and conservation groups (understanding different values and attitudes).

  • Analyse coastal and marine protection success stories, such as the establishment of marine protected areas, to understand how adults solve coastal and marine environmental problems and overcome adversity (increasing knowledge of possibilities).

  • Conduct a survey and tally data on beach litter (field research and mathematical skills).

  • Attend a local hearing, read the editorials, or become involved in a local Coastcare project (citizenship skills).

  • Design and paint a school mural that depicts various aspects of the coastal and marine environment (creative skills).