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Nature of Coastcare
  • Coastcare is a cooperative programme that provides opportunities and resources for community, business and educational groups to become actively involved in coastal management and decision-making.
  • Coastcare is relevant for everyone who cares about the well-being of our coasts - residents, holiday makers, surfers, anglers, industries, service organisations, businesses, government agencies, schools.
  • Coastcare involves all three levels of government and is funded from Commonwealth and State budgets.

Objectives of Coastcare

  • To engender in local communities, including local industries, a sense of stewardship for coastal and marine areas.
  • To provide opportunities and resources for residents, volunteers, businesses and interest groups to participate in coastal management.
  • To support community identification of natural and cultural bodies with responsibility for managing coastal areas.
  • To facilitate interaction between the community and bodies with responsibility for managing coastal areas.

Examples of Coastcare Projects

  • Development of local beach/foreshore management plans.
  • The protection or rehabilitation of dunes, estuaries, wetlands and heritage sites.
  • The construction of paths, boardwalks, interpretive trails, or underwater diving trails.
  • Monitoring things like beach conditions, tide levels, erosion, coastal flora and fauna, visitor numbers and coastal resource usage.
  • Resource mapping