Module 4

OHT 6a

Module 4 Home

Planning Learning Experiences Outside
the Classroom: Teacher Preparation

  • Familiarise yourself with the appropriate school and system policies for conducting learning experiences beyond the school grounds.

  • Pre-visit the site(s).
  • Develop clear objectives for the study.
  • Decide how you can build on previous learning experiences.
  • Plan pre-field study learning experiences and prepare students to see fieldwork as active learning.
  • Prepare fieldwork activities and resources.

  • What background information do the staff require?
  • Decide how much time is required for the tasks and for travel to and from the site.
  • Identify all possible risks and manage them appropriately, i.e. complete a Risk Management Matrix.
  • Be aware of any possible distractions to students at the site.
  • Identify appropriate student/adult ratio. Parents may need to be invited and briefed to assist the teacher with supervision.

  • Organise the following:
    • Consent form for parents
    • Permission to visit the site
    • Finance
    • Transportation
    • Toilet facilities
    • Clothing and equipment
    • Departure and arrival times