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General Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

Source: Adapted from Pennock, M.T. and Bardwell, L.V. (1994) Approaching Environmental Issues in the Classroom, National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training, University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, p. 7.

Effective teachers:

  • Are sensitive to students' needs. They listen to students' concerns with complete attention. They respect students' feelings and, particularly with young people, err on the side of caution regarding their emotions.

  • Consider students' developmental levels needs.

  • Create a learning process where students feel a sense of investment, ownership, and empowerment. They consider how they can share authority with their students.

  • Develop a support system of people, such as administrators, colleagues, interested parents or community members, to guide them when teaching about controversial issues.

  • Are enthusiastic about the learning process, the projects the students are doing, and about life in general!