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Characteristics of an Effective Teacher
as an Enquiry is developed

Source: Adapted from Pennock, M.T. and Bardwell, L.V. (1994) Approaching Environmental Issues in the Classroom, National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training, University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, p. 7.

  • They have well-articulated goals and rationales. They encourage parents and others to voice their questions and concerns.

  • They share what they know about an issue but also acknowledge what they do not know. They encourage class efforts to look for answers.

  • They teach complexity and try not to protect students from it. They recognise the difficulty of complexity, even for adults.

  • They teach multiple perspectives and explore alternative views on issues. They use disagreements between perspectives to spur further clarification and research.

  • They are aware of their own feelings and opinions about an issue. They make it clear to students what their views are and that it is okay if other people disagree (especially students).