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A Learning Process for Enquiry Based
Environmental Education

Source: Adapted from Gough, N. (1992) Blueprints for Greening Schools, Gould League, Prahan, p.90.

  1. Learning originates in a challenge
    After becoming aware of demands, constraints, pressure, and/or needs, students reach a state of puzzlement, tension, discord and expectation. At this point students may feel challenged to enquire.

  2. Preparation for the task
    The problem is defined or redefined. Students gather resources and work out what they need to know and do. They consider the problem, imagine, try to predict, work out what they already know and/or assess their ability to succeed.

  3. Searching
    They may then need to extend their previous knowledge; so they 'have a go'. They question, select, rehearse, talk over, narrow the field, sort, discard, shape hypothesis, and so on.

  4. Trying out our solution
    Eventually students settle on a possible solution and try it out. This is where they may make errors and/or have success, and decide to modify, consolidate and reassess their plans.

  5. Reflection
    Then students need to consider how they achieved what they set out to do. They reflect, confirm, see where to improve, plan new things, celebrate and evaluate.