Module 6


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Four Enquiry Questions

Source: Adapted from Calder, M and Smith, R. (1992) A Better World For All: Development Education for the Classroom. Teacher's Notes, Australian Government Publishing Services, Canberra, p.42; and Naish, M., Rawling, E., and Hart, C. (1987) Geography 16-19: The Contribution of a Curriculum Project to 16-19 Education, Longman, Harlow, UK, p. 61.

  1. Description
    • What is the question, issue or problem?
    • Who does it involve?
    • Where is it?
    • Why does it occur here?

  2. Evaluation
    • What is the significance of this question, issue or problem to my life, the local community, my nation, and/or the world?
    • How have factors in the past influenced it?
    • How might it be seen by different people?
    • What conflicts of interest are there?
    • Who gains? Who loses? Who decides?
    • How are the relationships between people and the natural environment affected?
    • What are the relationships between people and other phenomena?

  3. Reflection
    • Are these relationships desirable?
    • What happens if these relationships are altered?
    • What are the alternatives?
    • How can these be evaluated?
    • Who gains and who loses from different decisions? Why?
    • Who decides? Why?

  4. Action
    • What change, if change is thought to be desirable, should be introduced?
    • How can we bring about change if we, or others, think it is desirable?
    • Who could we contact to discuss action projects?
    • What action should we take?