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Problems Associated with Resource Selection

Source: Maccoll, P. (1989) Selecting and Evaluating Resources for Geography Teaching, in J. Fien, R. Gerber and P. Wilson (eds.) The Geography Teacher's Guide to the Classroom, 2nd edition, Macmillan, Melbourne, p. 385.

  • 'That textbook we set is just too difficult for those kids to read and the exercises are almost at university level!'

  • 'The statistics and newspaper extracts in that book are hopelessly out of date!'

  • 'You'd think the author was being paid by industry the way he treats conservation!'

  • 'The kit is very good in places, but you'll need other resources to treat the topic in depth!'

  • 'That's almost two-thirds of our whole budget spent on materials which can only be used in the first two units of the course!'

  • 'I've just found out that not only did my students use these materials we're using now in their course last year, they're also using them in science. No wonder they're not responding!'