Module 8


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Possible Evaluation Criteria

Source: Adapted from Tourtillott, L. and Britt, P. (1994) Evaluating Environmental Education Materials, National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, p. 8.

Awareness and Knowledge

  • The concepts are set in social and ecological contexts.

  • Topics are related to specific coastal and marine issues of local concern. The material is relevant to students' lives.


  • The materials encourage a sense of a personal involvement and responsibility.

  • The materials contain positive role models for discussion.

  • The materials express a positive and hopeful outlook.

  • The topics are covered from a variety of perspectives.

Skills and Participation

  • Problems are presented with a range of possible solutions.

  • The activities help students develop problem solving skills.

  • Action strategies focus on win-win solutions if possible.

  • Both individual and community action strategies are presented.

  • The activities help students gain communication, group, leadership and interpersonal skills.