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Abstracts of Conference Papers

Making Seaweek fun and effective

Barbara Jensen
PO Box 664
Byron Bay 2481

Malcolm Turner
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
PO Box 1379
Townsville 4810
Telephone 07 4750 0700
Fax 07 4772 6093

Seaweek is the major public awareness campaign staged by the Marine Education Society of Australasia. This cornerstone of the organisation is significant in promoting understanding of the marine environment in Australia. MESA members and others interested in marine education want to take part in Seaweek but how does one do it? .

As coordinator, Barbara wanted Seaweek 1998 to be better than ever after all it is the International Year of the Ocean. In order to help focus interest, fuel enthusiasm and provide information for Seaweek she outlined how to meet objectives in practical and fun ways. She also talked about the fact and fiction of Seaweek.

There are many ways people can contribute to Seaweek. Barb and Malcolm got conference members out of their seats to have a go. Barb's activity 'Clean Oceans in Action' was just one.

There was a chance to see and hear about a fun drama - Punk mermaids and Pop-up Plankton which tickled the spectators during a Seaweek in Townsville not so long ago.

Participants also tried their hand by immersing themselves in the 'Think Tank' activity where lots of ideas were splashed around. Just to round things off Barb and Mal lead the delegates in some 'Silly Seaweek Games'.