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Conference Papers

Heart’s Captive

by Jody Plecas

Molten suns sparkle across a myriad of blue crested cups
The deep blue mystery rises up in threat
It’s anger changing it from azure to firey green.
A skyward challenge issues on the wind, shrill and thin
Of seabirds bound for…who knows where?
THWACK- CABOOM! I shudder involuntarily
As a breaker throws it’s weight against the sea’s wall.
Strong sun-warmed rock withstands the might surge,
But in that brilliant tingling assault my heart is captured.
The invigorating siege showers over and becomes one with me,
Fresh-cut and clean, the briney spray penetrates my soul,
And with a laugh washes out the needless refuse there.
I am new again. Nothing matters but this moment…
The battle won, briefly, the gentle sounds receding,
My eyes follow the living glass…sparkling waterfalls.
Oh, OH! What a window to another world!

A craggy rock basin of liquid crystal.
See there! Cool tendrils of burgundy coloured
Anemones immersed amongst the pink and green algae
Touch and they ask you to stay – don’t go away.
And look here! The rainbow light dancing
Across the empty infant oyster’s shell, and others.
But hey – Come! COME QUICK!!

A star has fallen from the sky. A living star? How can that be?
Blue, orange, gold and red, it starts me wondering…
What magic is it that can bring a star to life?
Then surely mermaids and Seadragons must be
Perhaps, if I watch closely,
the Great South Ocean will reveal itself to me.