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Abstracts of Conference Papers

Saturday - Keynote Speakers

Linking Scientists with the Community

Associate Professor John Sherwood
Deakin University,
School of Aquatic Science and Natural Resource Management

John Sherwood is an Associate Professor in Deakin University School of Aquatic Science and Natural Reources Management. He is based in the rural coastal city of Warrnambool in western Victoria.

As an environmental chemist John has carried out research into links between physical and chemical processes in estuaries and their biological communities. This work has made him increasingly aware of vulnerability of these ecisystems and their need for sustainable management. Currently john is on the national council of the Australian Marine Sciences Association and is active in several local community organisations focussing on the environment

The Panel

Topic for disscussion:
"Current Research Case Studies"

Dr. Greg Jenkins , MAFRI, Queenscliff

King George Whiting

Greg and his team at Queeenscliff have been trying to solve one of the reat mysteries of this fish which is popular with recreational and commercial fishers. Greg has shown the life cycle of whiting to have some dependance on seagrass habitats such as Swan Bay and is concerned about degradation of such habitats.

Kyne Krusic-Golub, MAFRI, Queenscliff

Fish Aging

Kyne is a member of a team in the Central Aging Facitity of MAFRI where assessment of fish ages is determined through a study of ear bones called otoliths. The information collected through their research is vital to fisheries managers in determining management strategies.

Sophie Creet - MESA, Tasmania

Antarctic Research

Sophie has spent some time on a research trip to Antarctica and is now interested in working to bridge the gap between science and the community's understanding of the frozen continent.

Dr. Patrick Coutin, MAFRI, Queenscliff

Recreational Fisheries

Patís recent work has been trying to asses the impact of recreational fishing on fish populations. His innovative work using the internet and other means has provided some strategies for trying to manage fish stocks for both recreational and commercial fishing.