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Marine Treasures of South Korea

Korea is surrounded by a remarkable diversity of cool water habitats.

Korea's Cool Seas can be broadly grouped into habitats typical of the following areas - western, eastern, southern and Cheju habitats.

Mudskipper 27K

West Coast - tidal flats 
Korea's tidal flats are extensive, incredibly productive and literally crawling with animals from both land and sea. The mud is alive!

Many people rely on these sensitive habitats for food - and so do animals such as the mudskipper in this photo.  

East Coast - sandy beaches, rocky shores and
rocky reefs

The high energy eastern coast of Korea bears the full brunt of powerful seas. Its reefs and open waters - such as the island communities around the Dog'do Islands - are home to abundant marine life.

South Coast - tidal flats, sandy beaches, rocky shores and rocky reefs
The South Coast houses Korea's most diverse collection of coastal habitats. Hundreds of small islands and dozens of peninsulas add to the variety of these habitats, which are used extensively by animals such as these Pied oystercatchers.

Cheju Island - sub-tropical sandy beaches and rocky shores

Soft corals

 A short swim off the south coast is Cheju Island. It is one of those special places where kelp and coral (seen in this image) grow side by side! Fantastic diving and an important store-house of diversity are just two reasons to learn more - and to protect the island's underwater heritage.

 Photos on this page courtesy of Je Jong-Geel


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