Funding for Forum Delegates
At this stage (October 2004) the NMEA OOMF Conveners are seeking funding support for the 20 International Delegate airfares and accommodation (July 16 th through to July 19 th, 2005). The MESA and NMEA OOMF Conveners are also seeking funding support for airfares and accommodation for their invited Delegates. However, it is also anticipated that the close association between the NMEA Maui 2005 conference and the Forum will mean that some NMEA and MESA Forum Delegates will not require funding support, especially for airfares. When filling in the Registration of Interest Form, please indicate if this is the case.

Living expenses (some meals and transport) of Forum Delegates will not be covered in funding support offered but these expenses are not anticipated to be great as we plan to include breakfast and lunch as part of the Forum funding package. NMEA 2005 Maui conference fees, accommodation or other costs will not be covered as part of Forum funding support.