Measures of Evaluation

  1. Compilation and publication of a written statement that reflects the Forum Delegates’ collective response to the challenge of developing meaningful and sustained corporation among marine educators across the Pacific Basin.
  2. Compilation and publication of a register that contains the following three elements:
    • a list of key marine education entities in the Pacific Basin;
    • a list of best practice marine education projects and initiatives in the Pacific Basin; and,
    • a list of potential cooperative international marine education projects in the Pacific Basin. Although Pacific Basin nations will be the focus of this register, it will be prepared as the foundation for a World One Ocean Marine Education Register.
  3. Compilation and publication of a preliminary Marine Education Network Strategy for the Pacific Basin. This Strategy should act as a model for international cooperation in environmental education and would include a set of Guiding Principles.
  4. Compilation and publication of a 5 year plan for international cooperation in marine education.