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  Seaweek 2005 - Save Our Sharks    
Save Our Sharks Shark Bay Seaweek 2005 - March 6 to 13


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Reef ED Website


Phone : 07 47500881

Fred Nucifora

Save Our Sharks Web Quest (March 6-13)

Web quests are online learning challeneges the Save Our Sharks web quest is located in the Students section of the Reef ED website.

Click on the Save Our Sharks to start your journey of discovery.

Reef HQ Aquarium


Phone : 0438240715

Lloyd Godson

Sharks @ School (March 10,11)

Web streamed session on Sharks from Reef HQ Aquarium. Recieve information live from a scuba diver in the Predator Tank at Reef HQ the worlds largest living coral reef aquarium.


Phone : 07 4750 0850

Angela Colliver

Celebrate Seaweek (March 6-13)

Send an E-Card to acknowledge and spread the word about Seaweek!

E-Cards can be found at

Send a card and spread the word about Seaweek 2005!


Phone : 07 4750 0850

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Save our Sharks Web Quest (March 6-13)

Students can go online and undertake a Web Quest free of charge to explore and learn more about the world of sharks and what we can do to protect them.

Cannonvale SS

52 Coral Esplanade
QLD 4802

Phone : (07) 4946-2333

Sonia Zadebernyj

Sharks are all around us (March 4th -14th)

Last week Cannonvale SS helped celebrate Sea Week 2005 by getting involved in the online presentation, Sharks @ School, reading and sharing stories about sharks and designing posters promoting the conservation of sharks and their environments.

Cawarral State School

125 Annie Drive
QLD 4702

Lynne Shanks

Show & Tell about sharks (March 7-15)

Year 3 students at Cawarral SS will bring in various items related to the sea for Show & Tell in class.

The above students will also research sharks known to exist in our local area and display their reports in the library for other classes to view.

They also plan on sending e-cards to other students to remind them to look after our reef and to reveal an interesting fact about sharks.

Soth Noah Beach

Cape Tribulation Road (200m North of Cafe On Sea)
Cow Bay / Cape Tribulation
QLD 4873

Phone : 07 4098 9137

Mitch Griffiths

South Noah Beach Clean Up (14-03-05)

Students from years 1-7 will be involved in the beach clean up which not only focuses on the removal of marine debris, but also the re vegetation of damaged areas.
The clean up is held in conjunction with local parks and Wildlife rep's and community members and is a great way for all to get in and help out our local area.

Xavier Catholic College

Wide Bay Drive
Eli Waters
QLD 4655

Lisa Hopgood

Shark Tales (March 10 to 17)

Week long shark themed activities aimed at participation of year 10 Marine Studies students.

Everton Park State School

Deakin Street
Everton Park
QLD 4053

Phone : 35502222

Jane Gillies/Chris Griffiths

Shark Park (March 7-11)

Theme:Sharks are an important part of marine ecosystems.
Our school Environmental club will be working on a Mural in our School library.The mural will develop a food chain for different species of sharks.
Our S.E.U are designing a series of exciting board games which will incorporate shark facts and figures.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School

372 Mons Road
Forest Glen
QLD 4556

Phone : 0754774456

Tony Isaacson

Shark cam and the miracle of life (February to April 2005)

Sunshine Coast Grammar School has put the miracle of life directly onto the Internet [link][link] We have extended the Adopt a Shark program supported by Underwater World at Mooloolaba by hatching a brownbanded bamboo shark embryo in a clear glass substitute for the opaque brown egg case of Chiloscyllium punctatum (Muller & Henle 1838). An egg was collected from the Underwater World shark tunnel on the 20th January, 2005. The 50 mm embryo was transferred to a glass jar on 22nd February while attached to a 25 mm diameter yolk. Fine blood filled filaments extended from the gill slits of an essentially transparent and wiggly worm. The development of this embryo will be witnessed by our school community and a tank gang of wrasse, gobies, blennies, butterfly fish, damsels and invertebrates from the Mooloolah River, the place where we expect our shark to be released at the end of the school year. If the embryo survives its first critical week, the camera should capture daily images to build a time lapse composite of the developmental process. Tony Isaacson has been hatching Port Jackson Sharks in South Australian schools since 1972 with almost 100% success. Now at Sunshine Coast Grammar School in Queensland, Tony, his students and the Information Technology staff are hoping to eclipse that experience with this Internet initiative. Our team apologises for technical difficulties that might cause us to discontinue this exciting venture. With the storm season upon us, anything could happen in a classroom based aquarium. This little embryo was likely to be the meal of a hungry predator the moment it hatched in the wild and we believe that our nurturing environment at the Grammar School will SAVE OUR SHARK. At 27 to 28 degrees celcius, the embryo will develop quickly over the weeks of March and April. We hope that you will visit shark cam to see what we believe to be a world first from a classroom.

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