Most of the marine life found in southern Australian waters is endemic, in other words is found nowhere else in the world.

More than half the worlds' seagrass species are found in Australia

The total number of invertebrate species in Australian seas is unknown but believed to be in the tens of thousands with many species still unnamed.

30 of the world's 50 species of sea snakes are found in Australia along with 6 of the 7 world's species of turtles.

Australian waters support the world's last significant populations of dugongs, a species listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Photo from this great info site about dugongs

The sustainability of marine and coastal systems depends on
'Australians knowing about the marine environment,
recognising threats to it, wanting to care for it,
and learning the skills to look after it.'

The Marine Biodiversity Arts Project provides
a unique opportunity to increase awareness
of the unique and diverse nature of Australia's marine life,
and the need for its conservation.

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