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D’Entrecasteaux anglerfish

Scientific name: Trichophryne furcipilis

Distribution: only known from the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, south eastern Tasmania

Description: This small fish grows to around 10cm in length. It is pinky brown in colour, with a distinctive dark spot near the middle of the base of the dorsal fin.

Habitat: muddy bottom,15 - 50m depth

Ecology: The D’Entrecasteaux Anglerfish is so named for the modified first dorsal spine which acts as a lure to attract prey. This species feeds on small crustaceans and polychaete worms. Closely related to handfish, this anglerfish is also a specialised bottom dweller, using its pectoral fins to crawl along the sea floor.


Photo: Ros Asten


Interesting Facts: The D’Entrecasteaux Anglerfish does not have a gill cover like other bony fish, but possesses pore-like gill openings near the base of the pectoral fins.

Status: common within its range

Anglerfish catching prey

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