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Looking Back on MESA Achievements

As MESA united with AAEE in 2014 it no longer exists as a 'stand alone' society. However, the AAEE Marine & Coastal Special Interest Group will now manage MESA projects and programs.

Seeing as MESA started in 1984 a great deal has been achieved in the 30 year period through to 2014. Thanks to the work of the late Peter Biro, much of this material is still available on this web site. If you have any further questions about MESA or past MESA programs and materials, please contact Harry Breidahl at nautilus.ed@me.com.

AAEE Marine & Coastal Special Interest Group

Kate Keary created the AAEE Marine & Coastal Special Interest Group (SIG). The SIG already has its own Facebook Group as well as a mailing list for members to share conversations, ideas and resources. You don't have to be a member of the AAEE to join the SIG, however the member benefits of this Association are exceptional. We would recommend anyone interested or working in environmental education join the AAEE.

Seaweek is a national awareness program that has been conducted annually by MESA since 1988.

International News and Ocean Literacy

For many years now MESA a number of members have been active on the international marine education scene. This international networking will continue via the AAEE Marine and Coastal SIG.


All former MESA members and supporters are now encouraged to join AAEE and make an active contribution to the AAEE Marine & Coastal Special Interest Group. Go to www.aaee.org.au and follow the links to "Join Us".

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