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Queensland Blenny

Scientific name: Ecsenius mandibularis
Phylum Vertebrate

Distribution: Although blennies can be found in lower shore pools, they are common in the sea below the low tide level. It is a tropical species found on reefs in the Western Pacific: Queensland from Cape York Peninsula at 12°S to the Bunker Group, southern Great Barrier Reef.

Description: This harmless species grows to a maximum size of 7.5 cm. Instead of scales, it is protected by slime. The Queensland blenny enjoys digging and jumping and is a herbivore. They are characterized by elongated, tapering bodies and a continuous long dorsal fin.

Ecology: It is rarely aggressive towards other fish, however it is territorial, and will fight with others of the same species unless they are a mated pair

Interesting facts: The male blenny attracts a female with a courtship display to a nest site. The male then attends the eggs until they hatch. Some species may range to depths of about 450 m.


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