Module 1





The Nature, Purpose
and Scope of
Coastal and Marine Studies



Workshop Outline

Materials Required

Further Reading



This module presents a series of activities which introduce the nature, scope and purpose of coastal and marine studies. The module shows that an environmental education perspective in teaching about coastal and marine questions, issues and problems can play a very important role in promoting the knowledge, values and skills that can help create sustainable environments for all organisms.

Note to Facilitators: This module introduces many of the key themes in the series of professional development modules designed to enhance the interest, knowledge and skills of teachers in coastal and marine studies. It is advisable that this module, or at least extracts from it, be presented first as it provides an important introduction to the teaching of coastal and marine studies.


The objectives of this workshop are:

  • to develop an understanding of the nature, scope and educational goals of coastal and marine studies; and
  • to develop an understanding of the contribution that coastal and marine studies can make to education for a sustainable environment.

Workshop Outline

There are four activities in this workshop:

  1. Introduction
    This activity is an icebreaker which promotes initial discussion about the major issues which will arise during the workshop. This activity also provides a framework for the evaluation component of this workshop. The objectives of the workshop are also introduced here.

  2. The Nature and Purpose of Coastal and Marine Studies
    This activity provides materials and advice for a mini-lecture that defines coastal zones and introduces workshop participants to the nature and importance of coastal and marine studies.

  3. The Scope of Coastal and Marine Studies
    This activity introduces participants to the inter-connectedness of social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of coastal and marine areas. The activity concludes with a debriefing session which reinforces the interrelatedness of these issues.

  4. Conclusion
    The workshop concludes with participants reviewing their answers to the introductory activity in order to consolidate key themes in the light of the fresh perspectives and understandings gained from the module.

Materials Required

A. Provided

Overhead Transparencies

  Index Index of Overhead Transparencies


  Resource 1 Tea Party
  Resource 2

Ten Themes in Coastal and Marine Studies



  Reading 1 The Coastal and Marine Environment
  Reading 2 An Overview of Coastal Ecosystems and Their Values

B. To be obtained

  Activity 3 Ten coloured balls of wool; ten coloured pens (same colours as wool); ten sheets of chart paper and
group name labels for each participant.

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