Module 13


Multi-cultural perspectives:





Resource 1 Cultural Bingo Resource 2 Sources of Socialisation Resource 3 The Cultural Origins of Surfing
Resource 4 Multicultural Broome and the Pearling Trade Resource 5 A Childhood by the Sea Resource 6 The Beach in Community Life
Resource 7 A Journey Across Seas Resource 8 Sense of Identity / Sense of Place Resource 9 Accessing Migrant Communities
Resource 10 Contact List Resource 11 Teaching Strategies Resource 12 Sample Projects
Resource 13 Evaluation Form


Resource 1

Cultural Bingo

Source: Adapted from Bruce, Esquegua and Hemphill, Inter-cultural Trainers, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Your task is to mingle throughout the entire group and find people who match the descriptions in the boxes. As you make matches, have the person sign their name on your Bingo card. Call out `Bingo' when you complete one line in any direction.


Someone who ..

Knows the word for beach in a language other than English   Has attended a multicultural event by the sea Has had a family member immigrate to Australia by boat Knows someone whose parents are from different countries
Knows someone who has worked in a port or harbour

Knows a person who is differently abled

Has read a book by a non-white author

Knows any myths or legends about the sea


Considers themselves part of a minority group

Has heard a stereotypical comment or joke about a cultural group other than their own Has visited a midden site


Values cultural traditions

Knows someone who has lived on a boat

Has participated in an environmental activity

Has a fisher in their family

Is friends with a person who has a different religion than their own

Has eaten seaweed

Has been to the beach in another country

Has been mistakenly identified as belonging to a culture other than their own.

Is friends with someone from a different culture

Knows an aboriginal person

Was born in a coastal area

Enjoys seafood dishes from different cultures Has heard a stereotypical comment or joke about their own cultural group

Resource 2

Sources of Socialisation

Source: adapted from Giddens in "Social Education as a Vehicle for Enhancing Student Cultural and Intercultural Literacy" by Wayne Muller in Ethos 7 -12, October 1993.


In each of these circles write one of the sources of influence in your life and what you learnt from them.


Source: Inner Western Region Migrant Resource Centre Cross Cultural Training Kit




- appearance
- clothes
- food
- possessions


- values
- beliefs
- rituals