Module 7


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Overview and Objectives of the Workshop

  • What are the goals that we, as a society, have agreed to about the use of coastal and marine environments?

  • What special understandings do we need to interpret these goals?

  • What structures, laws, processes and practices are currently in place to ensure the implementation of these goals?

  • How can we have our say in the processes of deciding goals, in general, and in making specific decisions on developments that affect coastal and marine environments?


  • To explain, in simple terms, the objectives of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD).

  • To illustrate how ESD principles can be incorporated into coastal planning.

  • To provide an overview of the structure of environmental planning processes, including the identification of the agencies involved in regulating the use of the coastal zone.

  • To identify opportunities for citizens to participate in the processes of coastal planning and the approval of coastal developments.