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Approaches To Environmental Planning

Source: Adapted from Brown, L. and McDonald, G. (1995) From Environmental Impact Assessment to Environmental Design and Planning, Australian Journal of Environmental Management, (2).

Some Older Tools for Environmental Planning

  • Declaration of areas for nature reserves

  • Pollution control (attached to the conditions for the licence)

  • Local zoning controls to separate incompatible land uses

  • Fishing regulations (bag and size limits)

Recent Trends in Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning

  • Application of principles and guidelines of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Bio-regional planning (eg. Total Catchment Management planning)

  • Integrated development approval systems, including co-operation between government authorities (as in the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment)

  • Green Plans

  • Environmental performance and ambient environmental quality standards (eg. ANZECC water quality guidelines)