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  National Conference 2000    

Beyond 2000 - future directions in marine education

The Marine Education Society of Australasia, Coastcare and The Marine Teachers Association (WA) were the hosts of the National Marine Education conference. The conference explored marine education and future direction in marine conservation.

The conference was held in Fremantle, Western Australia, from 18-24 April 2000. Fremantle, Australia's Gateway to the Indian Ocean, is the State's oldest and most important port, with nearly half of the Western Australian fishing fleet operating from its harbour.

The purpose of the conference was to provide participants with a forum to learn, share and exchange ideas, techniques and information.

Participants from across Australia and overseas including teachers, students, government, industry, business and the community, shared their experiences and views on these issues.

  • Best practice and new directions - what were doing now, where we are going in education (school and public) and what's next?
  • Funding - who has it and how to get it.
  • Positive Action - what happens after education. Volunteer programs and community initiatives changing attitudes and celebrating achievements.
  • Ground work - current thinking, latest research - a series of presentations from notable researchers on the marine environment.

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