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  Deep-Sea Biology    

Deep-Sea Biology  

Arthropods: Crustacea and Pycnogonida

Marine Arthropods include:
--Crustaceans such as crabs, lobster, shrimp, and isopods (for information on a giant isopod, go to Seasky's Giant Isopod)
--Pycnogonids (sea spiders). The latter are tiny in shallow waters, seldom seen; but the deep sea spiders are often huge. They stride over the abyssal mud with their long legs, using a proboscis to suck tissues from sessile prey such as anemones.

California to British Columbia Bathyal and Abyssal
(a) = abyssal plain (2300-2850m), (b) = bathyal zone--continental slope (1800-2000m) off Newport, Oregon; (mb) = 1000-3000m in Monterey Bay Canyon; Juan de Fuca ridge off British Columbia (2400m)
Click pictures for larger images.
Paralithodes verrelli
(ob; 850-3300m);
Chionoecetes tanneri (ob)
P. multispina King Crab
(ob; 900-2000m)
Neolithodes diomedeae
( mb)
Tanner crab
Chionoecetes tanneri (hr)
Caught with Alvin at Hydrate Ridge, about 600m deep (left, middle) and at 2300m on Juan de Fuca ridge
Bathyal Shrimp(b) Pandalopsis ampla?
Abyssal Shrimp (a) Neocrangon abyssorum ?
Galatheid crabs (a)(mb*)
(Top:Munidopsis cascadiae?)
Seaspider (b)*
Ascorhynchus sp.??
Seaspider2 (a)*
Colossendeis sp

*Those with "*" are ones we haven't identified at the species level.
Notes on the shrimps above: if you click to enlarge the shrimp pictures, note that the Bathyal one has large eyes but the Abyssal one has not.
Unidentifed seaspider from Juan de Fuca ridge hydrothermal vents (2300m) Unidentified Gooseneck barnacle from 2000m, Monterey Bay Canyon.  

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