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Australia's Unique South

Southern Australia's marine environments
are amongst the most unusual temperate regions of the world.


Australia's cool seas operate in quite a different manner to most other temperate marine environments and they support a breathtaking variety of marine plants and animals.

Long periods of isolation from other continents, nutrient-poor waters and the southern hemisphere's longest temperate coastline have all contributed to the unusual flora and fauna of Australia's Unique South.

Australia's Cool Seas in action:
Living Underwater Deserts

Ocean Currents in the Unique South

Hot Issues in Australia's Cool Seas:
Introduced Marine Pests | Marine Reserves

Seagrass Decline

Leafy seadragon 32K Photo by David Muirhead

The Leafy Seadragon is one of an unique group
of fishes found only in Southern Australia.
Photo by David Muirhead

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