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  Into the Blue: Marine and Fisheries Education Kit    

Into the Blue

The Fisheries Group of DBIRD (Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development) have produced an educational package focusing on the marine environment. The aim of this kit is to increase students understanding of marine habitats and the responsibility that everyone shares in ensuring that it remains in good health.

Module 1
(for early childhood learners, Band 1)

This uses "The Eagle and the Gull" Dreamtime story from the Bardi people of North Western Australia. The story illustrates the influence people can have upon natural resources when used unwisely.

Download (pdf unless specified otherwise)
  Eagle and the Gull Dreamtime story (56 Kb)
  Eagle and the Gull poster (jpg image, 422 Kb)
  Teacher materials, activities (368 Kb)




Module 2
(for middle primary learners, Band 2)

This uses the book The "Treacherous Travels of Tasman Turtle" by Simon McLean. The story follows Tasman’s travels through the ocean and the challenges he has to overcome along the way.

Note: The book referred to in Module 2 is currently out of print and may not be available in all stores at present but is to be re-released in the future. Another good book that is available in most stores is "Turtle song" written by Alan Brown.

Download (pdf unless specified otherwise)
  Teacher materials, activities (811 Kb)

Marine Education Posters & Pamphlets
(from the Environment Australia website)

  • A gutful of plastic poster (846 Kb)
  • Coastcare Afloat and Aware - pamphlet (439 Kb) poster (344 Kb)
  • Coastcare - 50 Ways to care for our coast pamphlet (932 Kb)

Module 3
(for upper primary learners, Band 3)

This uses the book "Blueback" by Tim Winton. The story centres around the life of the character Abel, from his childhood in a small fishing village to his life as a marine biologist. A reference for the code is provided in the resource list at the end of this module and is available on the Victorian Fisheries website.

Download (pdf unless specified otherwise)
  Teacher materials, activities (730 Kb)


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