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Enjoying Victoria's Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries

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Teaching Ideas

Health and Physical Education
· Education by the Sea - Plan field trips and adventures activities that utilise our magnificent Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries. Give students opportunities to get to investigate, know and enjoy the bays, coasts, and ocean. Consider snorkelling or diving, surfing, beach walks, canoeing or sea kayaking, sailing, photography, or just taking some time out.

Studies of Society & Environment
· Issues - Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries - explore different perspective's on the values of marine protected areas for Victoria by reviewing the history of the Marine National Park campaign. Develop a role-play to present different viewpoints.

· The Right Stuff - explore different materials that are used to make marine recreational equipment such as surfboards, snorkelling equipment, yachts and other boats. Explore how these materials make them suitable for their use. Investigate where they might be used in Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries.

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