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Join Us in Caring for these Special Places (cont)

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Teaching Ideas

Studies of Society and Environment
· Caring for the Coast - Who is responsible for managing our Marine National Park system? Invite a Parks Victoria ranger or Fisheries Officer to speak to your students. Find out about the different skills needed for Marine National Park management.
· Timelines - Interview students, staff and older people about a local coastal or marine environment eg a beach or coastal park. Discover the changes over the years and the impacts on the area. Write a radio report.
· Indigenous Australians and the Coast - Find out about the use of the coast by our indigenous Victorians. What are some Aboriginal words to describe the marine animals and plants in your nearest Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries? Find the people who can tell you more about sites, stories and significance of the coastal areas

· Marine Life Report Card - Examples of the major threats to biodiversity are habitat modification, pollution and poor management practises. Consequently much sealife is in trouble. Research a marine species and find out more about its habitat and ecosystem. Write a report card for the survival of this marine species.

· "I care" - Develop some messages for Victoria's Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries that show how we can care for these special places when visiting them or at home
· Blueback - Read the book "Blueback" by Tim Winton as a class and discuss the characters in the book and their views on marine conservation.

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