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2. Other Related Web Links - International Sites

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Links that have some relevance to Marine National Parks or marine protected areas (mpa's) and their management include the following:
Organisation URL Notes
EUCC Coastal Guide (Europe) www.coastalguide.org A guide to coastal issues in Europe with great collection of relevant links.
Integrated Coastal management www.icm.noaa.gov A web based directory of information relating to ICZ management.
IUCN The World Conservation Union www.iucn.org The leading NGO for world conservation including protected areas campaigning. The IUCN is hosting the worlds first congress on Marine Protected Areas in 2005 in Melbourne.
Coastal Management www.coastalmanagement.com Interesting and informative website to assist management , use and research of the world's coasts.
Marine Protected Area News http://depts.washington.edu/mpanews/ Free monthly newsletter on issues relevant to mpa's worldwide. The issue February 2003 (Vol. 4, No. 7) has an analysis of lessons to be learned from Victoria's Marine National Park system.
Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Closures in British Colombia. www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/oceans/closure/contents.htm British Colombia's experience with no-take marine environments.
Marine Reserves (New Zealand) www.doc.govt.nz/cons/marine/reserv.htm As a pioneer for marine protected management this site provide analysis of New Zealand experiences in Marine Reserves over a decade.
MPA's: A Fisheries Management Perspective home.istar.ca/~gadus/mpa.shtml Discussion site on the value of mpa's to fisheries managers.
National Marine Conservation Areas Program (Canada) www.parkscanada.gc.ca/progs/amnc-nmca/index_E.asp Discussion site on the value of mpa's to fisheries managers.
Reef Environmental Education Foundation www.reef.org Website focussed on coral reef conservation worldwide.
Seaweb-Public Education Project USA www.seaweb.org Information directory on current global ocean issues.
UN Protected Areas Program www.unep-wcmc.org/protected_areas/pavl/national.htm The world protected areas website.
US National Marine Sanctuaries usparks.about.com/travel/usparks/cs/marinesanctuaries/ The US has a system of Marine Sanctuaries across the country designed for a variety of purposes.
World Wide Fund for Nature www.wwf.org.au Campaigns for wildlife including marine species and fisheries.

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