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"Introducing MESA to Nautica Enterprises"

MESA is a national organisation that aims to bring together people interested in the study and enjoyment of coastal and marine environments. MESA provides a forum for the sharing of ideas to facilitate the development of leading environmental education and interpretation programs with a coastal and marine focus.

MESA also promotes the sustainable use of marine and coastal environments through education.

Among our members are a wide variety of educators who share a common belief in education to achieve ecologically sustainable development for the marine environment.

Our website has attracted up to 45,000 visits by people interested in the marine environment or education with almost 400,000 visits in the past twelve months (Nov-02 to Oct-03).

Become a Sponsor of MESA website

Cost: negotiable. Please contact the Secretariat to discuss. We believe we are giving you value for money.

What we will provide:

Banner ad
Your banner ad, located in the top right hand corner of nearly all pages on the MESA website, will be one of four randomly selected from a four banner rotation. Each time a page is loaded one of the four ads is randomly selected and displayed. These banners appear on over 700 pages on the site.

We suggest that you have more than one banner or update it at regular intervals to keep it "fresh". Perhaps this could be linked to a special promotion through the website.

The banner ad will be 350 x 55 pixels. We will design the Flash banner ad, using materials you provide, if required. This banner ad will link to your MESA web pages.

Note: Banner ads are currently not displayed on all pages in the Friends of MESA section. The material here is hosted but not produced by MESA.

Web pages
MESA will provide up to 4 web pages based on information provided by your organisation. We will also host pdf files for download e.g. your catalogue; brochures; order form, etc. We would expect no more than 2 Mb of material in total.

If required, we can convert your Word documents, etc to pdf format.

Web statistics
MESA will provide two reports per year detailing:

· the number of views of your banner(s);
· the number of visits to your main web page; and
· the number of downloads of any pdf brochures, order forms, etc

Our requirements

Your organisation will need to provide products and services which are of interest and relevance to our visitors.

You will need to provide us with sufficient materials (text, graphics and images) to construct the web pages and banner ad.

We recommend that you vary your banner ad throughout the sponsorship period. One way to do this may be through special offers (to MESA members and/or visitors) that can be changed throughout the year.

Website Visits over the past two years

Month Sept 2001 Sept 2002 Sept 2003
Visits 8913 19878 35362

The data above clearly shows the dramatic increase in visits over the past two years.


Opportunities for Nautica Enterprises

The MESA website provides Nautica Enterprises with the opportunity to:

  • Be linked with the MESA an internationally recognised leader in marine and coastal environmental education;
  • Be linked to the future of marine and coastal environmental protection and conservation;
  • Be recognised for their leadership in working for the future of marine and coastal environments, through the enhancement of educational opportunities for students;
  • Be linked to a unique and diverse education association;
  • Be part of an expansion of the availability of contemporary information pertaining to marine and coastal environments, their ecosystem and inhabitants;
  • Become a partner in the development of innovative and educationally sound teaching resources about the marine and coastal environment;
  • · Be involved in an innovative educational program that encourages students to be active citizens in our community;
  • Encourage their local staff to become actively involved in the work being undertaken by schools; and
  • Encourage schools to utilise local offices or branches as display points for MESA achievements.

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