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One Ocean Marine Forum 2005 Statement

Time is running out for our oceans. Pressures from a rapidly growing world population are changing oceans at an unprecedented rate. From C02 concentrations that accelerate global climate change to global depletion of fishery stocks, the problems are unprecedented and will require innovative solutions. A world wide network of educators and efforts to focus on these problems is essential.

Designing a network of marine, environmental and science educators for sustainable oceans was the goal of the One Ocean Marine Forum held in Maui in July 2005. Twenty seven educators from around the Pacific Rim and beyond came together for the Forum, held in conjunction with the US National Marine Educators Association Annual Conference. Participants from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mariana Islands, Japan, South Africa and England met to create a network. Other educators with an interest in the network but without funding to attend represented South and Central America, American Samoa and other parts of the world.

Marine environmental education for sustainable oceans is fundamentally a world wide effort and must engage a wide variety of institutions, professional associations, and individual educators. The effectiveness of the One Ocean network will depend on the strength and inclusiveness of partnerships, networks and alliances which is able to involve stake holders at all levels.

The network will foster:

  • ways to identify key local ocean issues;
  • links among international groups to explore the existing variety of successful programs;
  • ways of integrating local knowledge and culture; and,
  • foster the believe that each person has the power and responsibility to effect positive change.

The 2005 forum documents explore the work and accomplishments of the first One World Marine Forum. These formulate the first steps in organizing the One Ocean Network.

NMEA Forum Conveners: Mike Spranger and Vicki Osis
MESA Forum Conveners: Jody Plecas, Mark Rodrigue and Harry Breidahl

For further information contact Harry Breidahl

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