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In our Wallum heathland community

Sand dune habitat

Adventure Education -
Marine Environments Field Study and Resource Centre


Situated on 9 acres of bush land setting the centre is less than 2 hours from Brisbane. It is in the grounds of the Hastings Point Holiday Village about 20 km south of of Tweed Heads.

Opposite kilometres of un-spoilt beaches an exclusive field trip facility has been established to tap the essence of nature and it's many wonders, particularly those associated with the ocean and it's fringes.

We offer Guided and assisted 1 to 4 day field trips and Marine Environments Educational Camps, Museum sessions, Specialised courses and Extension programs that provide the opportunity for Years 5-12, colleges, TAFE, Special Education and University students.

Our rocky shore


In the museum

A safe and interesting environment to learn in

There are a variety of habitats to study - Rocky Shore and Rock Platform, Mangrove and Estuary, Beach and Sand Dunes, Wallum Heathland and Coastal Relic Forest Ecosystems. These are all within an easy comfortable walking distance from the centre.

We also have a comprehensive and unique Marine Museum with over 200 hundred preserved and dried marine specimens for interactive sessions.

We also have available a large selection of slides, videos, journals and books and the fascinating experience of stereo microscope projection of live specimens to the big screen television in the museum.

Optional skills training and certification in snorkelling and scuba diving

"We look forward to being of service on your next field trip"


Adventure Education
Marine Environments Field Study and Resource Centre
PO Box 51
Pottsville Beach 2489

Email: advedu@bigpond.com

Ph: 02 6676 3401
Museum/Fax: 02 6676 3402
Mobile: 0402 549 655

Students explore mangroves and estuary

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