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Email: info@ausmepa.org.au
Web-site: http://www.ausmepa.org.au

The Australia Marine Environment Protection Association, known as AUSMEPA, is a not for profit link in a chain of international associations under the umbrella of INTERMEPA, the International Marine Environment Protection Association.

Australia is a big country and in order to assist teachers from top to bottom, from east to west, AUSMEPA has innovated complete free online education units of work on the marine environment. The materials are integrated to reach into science, literacy and computer studies – a fresh way to make it easy for teachers to obtain multiple outcomes.

New units of work are being added all the time with old favourites Marine Stormwater Pollution, the Effects of Climate Change on Coral Bleaching, Ships and Ports and the Marine Environment. Marine Pests and Threats (renovated) and Coastal Conservation Leadership units of work will be available early in 2012.

All materials are free, including the colourful poster pack made up of 4 middle year and 4 lower primary posters, available on request. Contact: info@ausmepa.org.au or education@ausmepa.org.au

Sometimes special projects are undertaken such as the two literacy readers designed for the Torres Strait. Although published readers are available only to the 17 schools in the Torres Strait, AUSMEPA intend providing them as online books shortly. Wetpaper literacy kit materials are already available to view and use online.


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