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Marine Discovery Centre
Queenscliff, Victoria

Email: marine.discovery@dpi.vic.gov.au
Web-site: www.dpi.vic.gov.au/vro/mdc

The Marine Discovery Centre is an educational facility which assists people of all ages to discover the wonders of southern Australia's marine environment. Facilities include a visitor's aquarium, student laboratory, classroom, a resource room and an educational gift shop.

The Centre is situated in the seaside township of Queenscliff, approximately one and a half hours drive from Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia. The Marine Discovery Centre is in an ideal location with a range of diverse marine habitats within easy reach including rocky shores, mudflats, mangroves, sand dunes and temperate reefs. This makes it the ideal location for field trips, day excursions and camps.

A wide range of activities is available


Dune revegetation
The Centre conducts a range of programs and provides services to schools, universities, tourism, government agencies, overseas visitors and corporate clients. The Centre is supported by philanthropic organisations, corporate sponsors and the efforts of a Volunteer crew.

The Marine Discovery Centre is operated by the Department of Primary Industries. This institute offers a range of scientific research, consulting and educational services to both the public and private sectors.


For VCE Teachers and Students there are many programs that are available to explore our magnificent Victorian Marine Environments. From Adventure Activities such as canoeing and snorkelling, Field Work through a Marine Biology Cruise on Port Philip Bay, Mudflat Investigations, Sand Dune Studies, or our wide range of laboratory investigation, there is much more the Marine Discovery Centre can offer.

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