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Marine & Coastal Education Framework

At http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/coasts/cmeducation.html

The Department for Environment & Heritage (DEH) have recently launched a brand new marine education resource: the Marine & Coastal Education Framework. It is essentially an internet resource, consisting of hundreds of links to websites around the world. The framework is based around five sustainability outcomes, derived from extensive consultation with the South Australian environmental education community.

Each resource description shows the simplicity or complexity of the resource, who produced it and a short description of what it is. There are both information resources and activity resources. This resource is closely linked to the SACSA Framework and provides pathways for developing the Essential Learnings. The Coast and Marine Education Framework has been prepared by the Environmental Education Unit in the Department of Environment and Heritage to engage young South Australian's in understanding and caring for our coast and marine environments.

The entire framework is online at www.environment.sa.gov.au/coasts/cmeducation.html or you can email shankar-noble.jonathan@saugov.sa.gov.au for a copy on CD-rom. This will enable even the most remote schools to access the best and most diverse information from around the world. Jonathon Shankar-Noble also produced the Water: Learning & Living web resource (www.watercare.net). So teachers/educators can now access a well-organised and curriculum-linked range of aquatic education resources via the internet.

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