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Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre

The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre (SCMDC) is a multi-faceted Centre which is developing a Marine Education and Research Centre, together with a Marine Discovery Centre, on the Far South Coast of NSW. Its home base is on the Snug Cove Wharves in Eden and its programs and activities stretch along the entire coastline of the Bega Valley Shire, from the Victorian border to Bermagui in the north.

To be Australia’s best temperate marine education and research centre.

The Discovery Centre promotes understanding of oceans and coasts by offering learning and knowledge experiences.


• To increase understanding of sustainable use of the oceans and coasts
• To facilitate research into the temperate marine environment
• To be a resource for specialist knowledge about the temperate marine environment
• To provide a wide range of visitor experiences focussing on our unique natural assets
• To offer educational opportunities for people of all ages
• To work with indigenous people to achieve our mission
• To be a well managed not for profit organisation


Stages 1 & 2 of the Marine Discovery Centre in Snug Cove, Eden are now complete and we are now developing wet and dry laboratory facilities and classrooms for use by school children, university students, researchers and scientists from across Australia and internationally.

Our marine education curriculum and programs are being developed to attract school visits for the hands-on experiences we now offer. Simultaneously, our Research Advisory Group is working to raise awareness of the abundant opportunities for scientific research our region offers.

The Discovery Centre is open throughout NSW, Victorian and ACT School Holidays at limited times. Please call 6496 1699 for updates on opening hours.

Entry fees: Adults $7, Children $2, Families $15

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The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre is part of the Marine Discovery Centres Australia (MDCA) is a group that focuses on the discussion of key issues relating to marine and coastal environment conservation.

The MDCA is a collaborative group formed out of the nation’s Marine Discovery Centres.


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