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Marine Discovery Centre
Woodbridge District High School, Tasmania

Web-site: http://www.woodbridge.tased.edu.au/MDC/default.htm
Email: kurt.memish@education.tas.gov.au

Just a 30 minute drive south of Hobart via the scenic Channel Highway brings you to the Marine Discovery Centre, which is an annexe of the Woodbridge District High School. The centre is built out over the D'Entrecasteaux Channel in Woodbridge, Tasmania. The D'Entrecasteaux is a varied, sheltered and safe waterway that provides ideal conditions for boat based and shore based activities.

The centre houses fully equipped teaching areas, an aquarium room and marine pond, a touch tank and displays of marine life and fishing technology. We concentrate on a 'hands-on' approach to learning about the marine environment. Programs are designed for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as interested visitors and community groups. Visitors have the opportunity to study everything from the smallest plankton to the largest fish and to sort, classify, measure, count, observe and handle marine animals.

The Marine Pond - one of many
aquaria displays at the Centre


The RV Penghana

The RV Penghana is a 15m research vessel which is an excellent floating classroom. The Penghana is fully equipped with GPS navigational equipment for use by students and has an hydraulic winch for lifting samples. Whilst learning boating safety and navigation, students may also use scientific oceanographic equipment and fishing gear to sample the life and environment of the Channel.

Visit the Marine Discovery Centre website to find out more about it and it's programs.

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