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MESA invites primary and secondary students to create art work with clear messages about our Marine environment. The theme of the work should tie in with the 2010 MESA Seaweek theme: “Oceans of Life; Oceans to explore, ours to restore”

See the entries of the finalists


The Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA) is a national organisation that promotes the sustainable use of marine and coastal environments through education. ‘Seaweek’ is one of MESA’s annual community education initiatives to develop community awareness, and participation in the protection and sustainable use of Australia’s diverse coastal and marine environments.

Each year a different theme is chosen for Seaweek. In 2010 our theme focuses on the amazing biodiversity we have in our Oceans and the fragility of our ecosystems. Students are encouraged to think creatively about their artwork and to make a message that will appeal to the public. It should highlight the impacts that humans have on the marine environment.


The competition will be officially launched during Seaweek 2010 (March 1st – 7th) but eager participants can begin planning their work now. Registrations will open during Coastcare week in December 2009.

Entrants can draw, paint, glue, splash or sketch a full sized banner for the banner category. For each piece of art, entrants will be required to write a 100 word blurb explaining the work. Winners will have their artwork displayed at our partner organisations around the state. Group collaboration is encouraged, but soloists are also welcome!

Teachers or community groups interested in submitting banners will be provided with calico measuring 90 x 180cm – (Portrait orientation preferred) once the competition opens.

Good Luck!

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