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August 20, 2002
Report from Mark Rodrigue

Marine Emblem for Victoria

This morning there was a launch of a program to select a marine icon species for Victoria. We already have a mammal (Leadbeater's Possum) and a bird (Helmeted Honeyeater) emblem.

This is an exciting opportunity to engage Victorians in learning about local marine life and to provide an opportunity to participate in the selection of an appropriate emblem for our rich and diverse marine environment.

I would encourage you all, especially MESA members and educators to participate.

Details will be available through a special insert in the Herald Sun. The Victorian Government supplement in the Herald Sun which will announce the emblem selection process and feature the candidates will be on Wednesday August 21.

Information and selection forms are also are available online on the Natural Resources and Environment website at www.nre.vic.gov.au/marine/emblem

Shaw's Cowfish

Giant Cuttlefish

Western Blue Devilfish

Verco's Nudibranch

Victorian Scalyfin

Weedy Seadragon

Vermillion Seastar

Southern Pot-bellied Seahorse

Southern Hermit Crab



The Melbourne Branch of the Australian Marine Conservation Society
in conjunction with Marine Education Society of Australasia Inc (MESA)
present Seaweek 2003 Seminar

Guest speakers

Harry Breidahl
(MESA - ocean explorer)

Andre Chiaradia
(Phillip Island Nature Park Research Centre)

Wendy Roberts

InfoZone Melbourne Museum
March 12th at 6.00 pm

Bookings essential on 0412 368 193 or at amcsmelbourne@hotmail.com

Harry Breidahl and the
submersible Johnson-Sea-Link I

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