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  Radio Marinara on 3RRR    
Radio Marinara on 3RRR

Radio Marinara is a show dedicated to all things wet and salty. It is presented and put together by a group of people with a great love for, and knowledge of, the marine environment. Your hosts will take you on an adventure each week to explore all the marine and coastal news and views from Port Phillip Bay, along the Victorian coast and around the world. Everything from science to surfing, diving to dumpling squids and all that's in between.

Each week, they bring an array of guests, from international media megastars like David Bellamy and David Suzuki through to local experts and their own Dive reporter.

Their regular segments include: Invertebrate of the Month, the Radio Marinara Quiz, book reviews and great music, all designed to get your Sunday mornings off to a wonderful, marine start.

Now approaching 250 shows, information about many of these is available from their website, Radio Marinara is presented on 3RRR. 3RRR is Australia's most well known community broadcasting station and has the continuing involvement of RMIT and Melbourne University.

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