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  Seaweek 2003    


Exploring Our Oceans

The theme for Seaweek 2003 was Exploring Our Oceans. This theme takes us away from familiar coastal environments and exposes us to the deep blue ocean. We will delve into past, present and future exploration of the final frontier on our home planet.

Seaweek 2003 dates were March 9 to 16, 2003. Most Seaweek activities and events were held during this week. We are also aiming to link in with Ocean Care Week which is the first week of December. Seaweek activities could be run or finalised then.

The Seaweek 2003 Bunch of five (suggestions) should give you a start. You could also contact your local MESA delegate.


Oceanography from Space
a workshop conducted by Mark Rodrigue, MESA President. Find out about oceans, remote sensing techniques, El Nino, measuring phytoplankton and more. Includes activities for students.

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The Blue Layer
The creatures of the blue layer or 'blue armarda' drift across our ocean in huge surface floating clouds,...

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Exploring our Oceans
Exploration and research in the marine environment is undertaken by federal and state government environmental agencies, universities and private industry. This includes CRC's Centres for Research and Development, AIMS Australian Institute of Marine Science Geoscience Australia CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and AAD Australian Antarctic Division.Read some current stories of exploration.  

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Seaweek Events

Click here to view the events registered.

Barwon Heads Festival of the Sea
One of the main events held each year is the Barwon Heads Festival of the Sea. Find out more about it and find out what happened.

Marine Educators awash with Seaweek Expo
Western Australia's leading marine educators were on Rottnest Island, Saturday 8 March, to delve into the deep blue ocean and discover the fascinating features of our under water world as part of the Seaweek Teachers' Expo 2003. More ..

Marine Discovery on Kangaroo Island
On a cool March Saturday morning, teachers from all around Adelaide (and a few from Port Augusta) were up before dawn and packing their bags for a training weekend on beautiful Kangaroo Island. More ..

About 8,000 Australian schools received a Seaweek 2003 poster (A3 size) in February illustrating this year's theme.

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